Utility Solutions

  • Green field bidding projects
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Solar/Wind/Storage/Hybrid Projects

  • Solar/Wind/Storage/Hybrid Projects
  • Customer enjoys benefits of solar/ solar-wind power on CAPEX/ OPEX basis


  • Helps utilities meet their renewable energy targets
  • Price benefit since RE is cheaper than other sources of power

Markets / Trading




RTC Projects

Best Suited to deliver Round-the-Clock with unique capabilities to provide a combination of solar, wind, storage and trading

Peak Power Storage Projects

Storage combination with standalone wind or solar or Wind-Solar Hybrid requires for efficient delivery of Peak Power projects

Hybrid Projects

AMPIN team has capabilities to deliver Wind-Solar Hybrid. Already won the first large scale utility hybrid bid

Standalone Projects

AMPIN has delivered standalone solar and wind projects in the C&I and Utility market

Case Studies

  • Solar-Wind Hybrid

    Case Study: Gujarat Solar Wind Hybrid – 59.7 MWp

    AMPIN’s first project under the Gujarat Renewable Energy Policy 2023 and second solar-wind hybrid project to be commissioned in the state.

    • With a capacity of 59.7MWp spread across 81 acres ( 30MWp solar DC) (29.7MW wind), it consists of a total of 55,500 modules (540Wp each), 4 inverters (5MW each), and 9 turbines, (3.3MW each).
    • The state-of-the-art project meets the sustainability targets of 14 marquee customers in the state through a unique group captive structure and also provide them with savings of ~35-40% in energy costs while mitigating CO2 emissions of ~10,80,000 MT.
    • AMPIN has commissioned back-to-back solar-wind hybrid projects in Gujarat and has a cumulative capacity of 112MWp solar-wind hybrid projects in the state.
  • Solar

    Case Study: Amazon Web Services – 135 MWp

    India’s first ISTS connected solar PV project with a long-term C&I power purchaser.

    • Fully operational and commissioned on schedule in December 2023, this project is located in Bhadla, Rajasthan, a state wherein AMPIN is developing 1 gigawatt (GW) of utility-scale projects.
    • This project is spread across 580 acres of land and will help mitigate ~59,81,000 MT of CO2 by its green power generation, thereby promoting environmentally friendly power generation.
    • This state-of-the-art single-axis tracker-based project underscores AMPIN’s commitment of delivering high quality projects on time & facilitating the transition towards a sustainable future.
  • Floating Solar

    Case Study: Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd. – 140 MWp

    This is India’s largest Floating Solar Project by an IPP.

    • AMPIN has distinguished itself by being the FIRST & ONLY company to commission its project (in Phase 1) and in a record time of only 12 months.
    • It is a groundbreaking project since it is the first installation of a floating solar plant in a dam reservoir (natural waterbody) in India, with previous ones being on constrained waterbodies.
    • With over ~2,60,000 solar panels mounted on over 9,36,000 floaters, the plant will generate about 198 MUs per year & help mitigate over 85,000 MT of CO2 per annum.
  • Distributed Generation/ Government

    Case Study: Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. – 7.87 MWp

    The project has been installed on a combination of rooftop, ground mount and elevated structures for Kochi Metro Rail Ltd.

    • This is a 7.87 MWp project in Kochi, Kerala and has been developed in 2 phases (Phase 1- 2.67 MWp and Phase 2- 5.2 MWp).
    • The project is supplying solar power to the metro stations, depots and meets about 35-40% of energy needs of KMRL.
    • In addition to providing economic benefits to KMRL, the project is also instrumental in reducing CO2 emissions at 9471.75 MT/ year.
    • In this plant, about one-third capacity (2.3MWp) is installed on an elevated stable solar shed which is set up on frames of stabling lines. The elevated stabling shed was constructed with a dual purpose of accommodating trains and using the unutilized space for solar power generation. Due to its innovative design and versatility, it is a leading example for mass transportation systems to switch to renewables.
  • Wind

    Coming Soon

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